The Deutschland-Ticket for 49 euros a month

With the Deutschland-Ticket (D-Ticket for short), you can travel by bus and train for just 49 euros a month - nationwide! That's only 1.63 euros per day! This will make local transport more easily accessible for everyone and even considerably cheaper for many. We have compiled all the important information about the Deutschland-Ticket and advance sales for you on this page. You are also welcome to take a look at our FAQ.

Flat rate:

Any number of journeys on local transport for a fixed monthly price of 49 euros.

Throughout Germany:

In all means of public transport.


Available now as a subscription with monthly payment (always valid on the 1st of the month).

Quick and easy from now on:

Buy the Deutschland-Ticket

Buy now and start travelling: The Deutschland-Ticket is now available either conveniently and comfortably via our RMVgo app or as an electronic ticket (eTicket) on a chip card. You can find all the information for season ticket customers in our FAQ.

Mädchen vor einem Laptop mit geöffnetem RMV Ticketshop

Online in the RMV-TicketShop

Order your Deutschland-Ticket as an eTicket (chip card) quickly and easily online via our RMV-TicketShop at by the 20th of the month before it becomes valid.

 To the RMV-TicketShop
Eine Hand, die ein Handy mit der geöffneten RMVgo App hält

Mobile via RMVgo App

The Deutschland-Ticket always with you on your smartphone. No order deadline and can be cancelled directly in the app at any time. Simply register, buy your D-Ticket and collect points.

Important note: The direct debit procedure (SEPA) is temporarily not available for new customers in the RMVgo app. Other payment methods are still available.

 Directly to the app
Eine RMV Vertriebsstelle

Purchase on site

With a completed order form, you can also order the D-Ticket locally at one of our many RMV sales points as an eTicket (chip card) up to the 10th of the month before it becomes valid.

 Selection of a distributor

Did you actually know...

that the Deutschland-Ticket is particularly attractive for commuters? Even without a JobTicket, you can travel throughout Germany by bus and train for just 1.63 euros per day.

By the way, children under the age of 6 can also travel free of charge with the Deutschland-Ticket.

The Deutschland-Ticket at a glance

Valid from always on the 1st of a month
Sale as of now!
Price 49 euros per month (automatic billing)
Validity unlimited until cancellation
Renewal automatic (subscription)
Cancellation cancellable monthly
Valid throughout Germany in local and regional traffic (not in long-distance traffic, e.g. ICE, IC, EC)
Transferability personalised and non-transferable
RMV Carry-on Scheme no additional persons can be taken along
Carriage regulations for bicycles and dogs in the RMV area, outside deviating
1st class upgrade yes, with separately available supplementary ticket
As a HandyTicket via the RMVgo app without order deadline! Also for the current month
As eTicket on chip card RMV-TicketShop: Online order by the 20th of the previous month before the start of validity
RMV sales offices: On-site order by the 10th of the previous month before the start of validity

Deutschland-Ticket mobile on your smartphone.

Download RMVgo App
and secure advantages

  • No order deadline - purchase also possible for the current month
  • No contract period - quick and easy monthly cancellation
  • Collect points and exchange them for discount coupons
  • Timetable information and Deutschland-Ticket together in one app
  • Automatic reminder about the monthly renewal and debiting 
  • Can be cancelled directly in the app at any time
 Directly into the app

Questions and answers

Since many details are currently still being agreed upon, we will continuously update and add to this FAQ for you.
Last Update: 23.11.2023

The Deutschland-Ticket is a personal season ticket valid throughout Germany and entitles the holder to unlimited use of all means of public transport. It is valid on regional trains (RE, IRE, RB, S-Bahn) in 2nd car class. It is not valid on DB long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE, ECE) and with other providers, such as FlixTrain.

The Deutschlandticket is available as a personal subscription at a price of 49 euros per month.

The Deutschland-Ticket entitles you to use

  • Regional trains (RE, IRE, RB, S-Bahn) in 2nd car class throughout Germany.
  • Buses, streetcars and subway trains of the transport associations, state tariff companies or transport companies throughout Germany as well as ferry services, provided that these are part of the tariff of the transport association. The Deutschland-Ticket can also be used where association tariffs also apply in neighboring countries.

It is not valid on long-distance services operated by Deutsche Bahn (e.g. InterCity, ICE, EC) or other rail/ long-distance bus operators (e.g. FlixTrain/FlixBus).

The following applies in the RMV network area: A surcharge of 3.80 euros must be paid for the AirLiner from Darmstadt to Frankfurt Airport. The surcharge tickets are available from the driving staff, the RMV advance sales offices of HEAG mobilo and in the HEAG mobilo app.

You can find the fare conditions for the Deutschland-Ticket here.

Yes! The statutory passenger rights in rail transport continue to apply.

The Deutschland-Ticket is issued personally for one user and is not transferable to other persons.

The Deutschland-Ticket does not include free transportation of bicycles and dogs nationwide. However, bicycles and dogs can be taken along free of charge within the RMV area. Outside the RMV area, the respective conditions of carriage of the transport associations, state tariff companies or transport companies apply. Children under the age of six continue to travel free of charge when accompanied. It is not possible to take persons six years and older free of charge.

Children under the age of six travel for free on public transport when accompanied and do not need a Deutschland-Ticket. Children over the age of six must purchase a ticket.

No. The Deutschlandticket is always valid for one person. Children under the age of six travel free of charge when accompanied.

Customers of the Deutschlandticket cannot make use of the 10-minute guarantee.

With the Deutschland-Ticket, you can use the on-demand shuttles in the RMV at a reduced rate. The basic fare does not apply, you only have to pay a comfort surcharge and the price per kilometer. To select the discounted fare in the RMV On Demand app, proceed as follows: When booking, tap the "1 passenger - edit" field and then tap the selected passenger. In this menu, you can select the discount reasons. You can find out the exact prices from the respective project partners (see under "Where can I ride the on-demand shuttle").

If your Deutschland-Ticket (D-Ticket for short) is not visible in RMVgo under "My Tickets", please check the following options:

Option 1 - Internet connection 
You need an internet connection for the monthly update of your D-Ticket. If your D-Ticket does not appear on the screen immediately or is not listed under "Tickets", please refresh the page again by clicking once on the "All Tickets" tab and then again on "My Tickets". Three green dots will then briefly appear as a loading icon in the top screen.  
If you have already updated your D-Ticket and have a poor internet connection, you may only see three green dots as a loading symbol under "My Tickets". In this case, please switch to flight mode to be able to access the ticket.

Option 2 - Log-out / Log-in again 
If the ticket is still not visible under "My Tickets", please log out and log in again. You will find this function under the menu item "More" / "My account".

Option 3 - Open payment reminder  
If you have received a payment reminder or reminder from us since the last renewal of the D-Ticket, your myRMV account is blocked for further ticket purchases. 
In this case, a renewal of the D-Ticket is not possible. Please settle the outstanding amount first. Details can be found in the payment reminder email. 
After payment has been received, your account will be unblocked again and you will be informed by e-mail. You will then need to purchase a new D-Ticket subscription in RMVgo. 

Option 4 - New customer Deutschland-Ticket
Are you a new customer and did not purchase your D-Ticket subscription until shortly before the end of the month and paid by direct debit? If so, there is initially a blocking period for direct debit payments which has probably prevented the subscription from being extended. 
For further action, please use our contact form.

If no ticket is displayed despite these measures, please contact us via the contact form.

Advance sales for the Deutschland-Ticket started on April 3rd, 2023. The first day of validity is May 1st, 2023.

In RMVgo, the Deutschland-Ticket can be purchased without any deadlines to be met for the start on May 1st. In the RMV TicketShop, orders for the start on May 1st can be placed until April 20th. In the sales outlets, an order must be placed by April 10th in order to start with the Deutschland-Ticket on May 1st.

The sale of the Deutschland-Ticket takes place

  • as a HandyTicket via the RMVgo app
  • online via the RMV-TicketShop at and
  • by ordering with an order form at RMV sales outlets. Submission of the order form by the 10th of the month in order to be able to start in the following month.

The purchase of a supplementary ticket for the transition to 1st class for the Deutschland-Ticket is possible according to the tariff regulations of the respective associations. In the RMV, a supplement to 1st class can only be purchased for journeys within the RMV area.

If you have handed in your order form at a DB sales office before the 10th of the month, you will receive your ticket in time for the beginning of the following month. If you still do not receive your ticket, please contact us by e-mail at 
If you have handed in your order form at one of our local partners, you will find your contact details here.

No. The Deutschland-Ticket is only available as a personal subscription with monthly debit.

No IC surcharge can be purchased for the Deutschland-Ticket on RMV. The regulations on the IC surcharge can be found in the DB conditions of carriage.

The details of regulations for students and low-income earners are being clarified. We will inform you as soon as the results are available.

Customers who wish to purchase the Deutschland-Ticket must always be of full legal capacity. In the RMV-TicketShop and via an order form, parents can buy a Deutschland-Ticket for their underage children.

To purchase in RMVgo, a user account of the parents must be used and the name of the child must be entered in the "Ticket holder" field when completing the purchase. The ticket is issued to the smartphone with which it was purchased. If the underage child has his or her own smartphone, the parents must log in there with their own user account and purchase the subscription. The parents' user account must also remain logged in on the underage child's smartphone for further use of the subscription.

The Deutschland-Ticket can be cancelled monthly. It can be cancelled by the 10th of a month to the end of the respective month.
The cancellation or return of the Deutschland-Ticket takes place depending on the channel selected for the purchase of the Deutschland-Ticket. Either directly in the RMVgo app or at the customer contract partner shown on the customer receipt that the customer received at the time of purchase.

If you purchased your Deutschland-Ticket via the RMVgo app, you can cancel it directly in the app as soon as the 1st day of validity has begun. To do this, click on the "Cancel subscription" button under "My tickets" / "Deutschland-Ticket".  If the cancellation does not work in RMVgo, please check whether the cancellation is possible after logging out and logging in again. You will find this function under the menu item "More" / "My Account". Thank you very much!

No, a Schufa check is not carried out when purchasing a Deutschland-Ticket. When purchasing in RMV-TicketShop and RMVgo, a credit check is carried out by the company Arvato. The data checked comes from official insolvency publications and debtor lists kept by central enforcement courts. In addition, there is information from ICD's contractual partners about non-contractual payment behavior, based on judicial and extrajudicial collection measures. Arvato also has personal data from inquiries from contractual partners and data from address service providers. 
When the Deutschland-Ticket is purchased at a sales outlet, the check depends on the decision of the respective company.

This depends on whether you want to buy the Deutschland-Ticket from the same contractual partner. For example, if you have a chip card subscription and want to buy the Deutschland-Ticket via RMVgo, you must cancel the existing subscription beforehand. You will find your contract partner on a letter that you have received from them. If you no longer have a letter: If you have taken out your subscription at a DB sales office, please send an e-mail to If you have taken out your subscription with one of our local partners, you will find your contact details here.

Yes, if you are the owner of an Annual Pass (without a subscription) and would like to change to the Deutschland-Ticket, you must cancel your Annual Pass with the company from which you purchased the Annual Pass. You will not be charged a price disadvantage if you can prove that you have taken out a Deutschland-Ticket subscription when you cancel your Annual Pass early or if you order the  Deutschland-Ticket directly.

Yes,  the common tariff regulations of the D-Ticket also provide for its issue as a Jobticket Deutschland with the following conditions:

  • Conclusion of a Jobticket contract by the employer with a participating transport association or transport company.
  • Discount of five percent on the current issue price of 49 euros.
    • (Prerequisite for the discount: The company/organization subsidizes at least 25 percent on the issue price of 49 euros per job ticket. Voluntary higher subsidies up to full cost coverage by the employer are of course possible).
  • The Jobticket Deutschland is only available as an eTicket (in the RMV as a chip card).
  • The Jobticket Deutschland is a non-transferable personal season ticket that is linked to the employment relationship.
  • Valid nationwide in 2nd class on local and regional trains (not on long-distance trains, e.g. ICE, IC, EC).
  • No free travel for persons over six years of age.
  • In the RMV area 1st class use with corresponding surcharge possible.
  • Only valid in conjunction with an official photo ID.

No. Both products are still valid throughout Hesse.

No. The student council's contract with the RMV remains valid. 
However, those who use an RMV semester ticket can purchase an upgrade for the Deutschland-Ticket. The upgrade option for the Deutschland-Ticket has now been introduced at all participating universities. All students should have been informed about this by your university or AStA by now. 

Students only have to pay the difference between the price of their semester ticket and that of the Deutschland-Ticket. The responsible transport associations are responsible for handling this.

All information on the discounted Deutschland-Ticket for eligible persons is available at

If you receive a citizen's allowance, housing benefit, social welfare or if you are an asylum seeker, then you are entitled to receive the discounted Deutschland-Ticket with Hessenpass mobil. 

For this purpose, the order with the order form and the corresponding proof of eligibility (Hessenpass mobil) must be received at the address on the order form or at a sales office by the 10th of the month prior to the start of validity. 

To use the discounted Deutschland-Ticket with the Hessenpass mobil, it is necessary to cancel the existing Deutschland-Ticket subscription in RMVgo by the 10th of the month with effect from the end of the month. You will find this function in RMVgo as soon as the 1st day of validity has begun under "My tickets" > "Ticket detail view" > "Cancel subscription" > confirm. The subscription will then not be renewed at the beginning of the next month.

For people with the appropriate proof of eligibility (Hessenpass mobil), the Deutschland-Ticket is available at a reduced price of 31 euros.

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